Terry is authentic and easy to talk to, which provides for a trusting environment. From the outset I felt comfortable being open with him. He has provided invaluable support and guidance in a constantly evolving time period, in addition to giving me concrete feedback that has helped me develop critical leadership skills.

L. Wong, C-Suite Executive
Toronto, Ontario

I have known Terry for over 14 years now, most recently having him as a professional and personal development coach. I reconnected with Terry at the exact moment where I needed to take my career to the next stage.

Thanks to his vast experience in coaching senior executives, his flexible approach and the depth of his understanding of the corporate world, I saw very quick dividends. Terry will make himself available anytime he is needed with very short notice.

You are a super star Terry — Thanks for all!

C. Tia, CFO
Spain/West Africa

Terry’s provided a consistent sounding board and resource. He kept us on track with scheduled meetings that were efficient and worked with my busy schedule. He asked the right questions and encouraged discussion on the harder topics. His guidance was a clear demonstration of his wealth and breadth of experience and it was not only immediately useful but eminently practical as well.

T. Ellison, CEO

Terry offers an entire, excellent coaching package: extensive experience in the “real world’” of business accountabilities; a great ear for listening; an abiding sense of curiosity that generates vital and challenging questions; a clear commitment to ensuring conversations drive back to positive outputs and accountabilities; and a generous sense of humour that created forward momentum as we work.

Simply put, I am delighted to offer Terry a reference and would be glad to talk more should anyone want further information.

Lynn, Director Corporate Strategy
Edmonton, Alberta

Having known Terry for years in his executive search capacity, I had a high opinion of him and was eager to work with him as a coach to improve my effectiveness and engagement in my business. The insights into my personal strengths and areas for development began to flow immediately, giving me tools and strategies to overcome the internal and external obstacles which were limiting my performance. Thanks Terry!

Keith, CEO
Venture Capital
Vancouver, British Columbia

Terry helped me pinpoint where I wanted to go next with my career and to hone in on the gaps in my leadership skills. We had high level discussions about my philosophical approach to leading a team as well as practical tips for making the best use of meetings and how to bring the best out in others. I very much valued the time I spent with Terry, and I have no doubt that it made me a better manager. I would highly recommend Terry Whitehead as an executive coach.

Kathy, Senior Executive
Arts and Culture
Vancouver, British Columbia

With Terry’s coaching, feedback, and insights, I have harnessed the behaviours and poise of a Fortune 500 executive. His bespoke methodology has accelerated my career trajectory and advanced my impact as a senior leader.

Bryan, Senior Marketing Executive
Vancouver, British Columbia

I benefited from Terry’s coaching style: down to earth, practical, and effective. His deep understanding of business and the issues executives encounter made it easy and comfortable for me to dive into the details of my areas of concern and development. His questions were insightful and provided me with the alternative perspectives I needed to consider. As the senior executive in my company, it is often “lonely and the top.” Terry provided valuable collaboration and support along the journey.

Chris, President & CEO
Real Estate Development

 “Many times I had to dig deep and perform. All of that adversity helped me and drove me to want to be the best.”

Hayley Wickenheiser